A great year

23rd December 2012
Okay, I'm sorry. I intended to update this several times each year but between the blog and social media, I've been remiss in updating the website. I can't promise I'm going to be better but I'm certainly going to try.

We're reaching the end of a year that was terrific for me...photographically speaking, that is. To make up for the lack of photo trips in 2011 I took trips to Utah (twice) the Columbia Gorge, Olympic Peninsula, the Palouse region of Washington, some formations in western Kansas, Bisti badlands in New Mexico, another trip to Yellowstone with Heather, and a short hike to the creek behind my house to capture a magnificent Colorado Sunset. I created so many wonderful images that my attempt to narrow the Best of 2012 file down to 10 images was impossible. I was able to get down to 14 but it was a challenge.

So what does the New Year hold in store? Well, I'll begin by photographing sunrise New Year's at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I didn't spend much time at Bisti so that area requires a trip, and I'm always game for a trip to the Northwest. I'll be in Phoenix in March as usual, and I'd like to photograph Southeast Utah in monsoon season so I may have to endure the heat of August to get that done.

Recently I've gotten the urge to pick up a classic camping trailer, maybe 12 or 14 feet in length and restore it. I'm starting the search so if you know where I can find such an animal, let me know.

That's about all for now. Looking forward to another great photo year.