(Contains 38 photos)
New Work portfolio Images from recent trips
(Contains 64 photos)
Landscapes portfolio
(Contains 5 photos)
Photoshop Fun and Abstracts portfolio I don't mess with photos too much but sometimes I can't resist
(Contains 15 photos)
Critters portfolio Wildlife of the West. Some are captive animals, most are wild. Check photo details for more information.
(Contains 32 photos)
Trees and Flowers portfolio No explaination needed.
(Contains 13 photos)
Architecture and Miscellaneous Details portfolio Buildings, details, and stuff that doesn't really fit other categories.
(Contains 7 photos)
Night Sky Images portfolio I've recently become fascinated by images of the Night Sky. Trying to learn and here are some of my early efforts.
(Contains 12 photos)
Black & White Images portfolio Digital files converted using Nik Silver Efex
(Contains 14 photos)
Best of 2012 portfolio A lot of my photographer friends have been publishing their "Best of 2012" collections and here is mine.
(Contains 12 photos)
Favorite Images of 2013 portfolio These are my favorite images from 2013. Not necessarily my best or most marketable but definitely my favorites.
(Contains 12 photos)
Sunrise, Sunset portfolio Sunrises and sunsets from various locations