Hand me down my Travelin' Shoes

05th September 2013
I have a new gig. Same employer I've been with for 11 years but a new gig. I'll be traveling around the country visiting the companies we manage the 401k plans for and presenting information to their employees. And when I say traveling, I MEAN traveling. This week I'm in the Bay area of California for meetings. Next week I'll be in Long Beach on Tuesday, Tacoma on Wednesday, and Salt Lake City on Thursday. Racking up the frequent flier miles and hotel points!

Most of all, I'm excited to see new places and revisit some old familiar ones. And rest assured, I'll carry a camera with me just about everywhere I go. Sometimes I'll just have the G10 pocket camera but if I'm going somewhere exciting (Seattle the week of 9/15) I'll check my clothes bag and carry the big boy camera.

Not sure what I'll be shooting. Sometimes, like this week, I'll shoot landscapes like the sunset at Santa Cruz, CA I saw Tuesday evening. Sometimes I'll put on my Urban Gorilla hat and shoot cityscapes. Mostly, I'll be creating lots of new and exciting images.

So fly along with me and keep track of where I've been. I'll be adding new images to the "Ongoing" folder in the New Work gallery here on the site and you can always reach me via email at wcbeanphoto@comcast.net.