Thoughts, Myths, and Truths: Musings for 2015

06th February 2015
And another year begins. 2014 absolutely flew by while I apparently wasn't looking. Traveling for work really is almost all consuming. Just a quick estimate had me on the road 4-5 days per week for 45 weeks last year. Lots of hotels and airplanes...but I LOVE it!

I created some really neat new images last year. Some came from a trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons with Heather and quite a few more came from exploring new locations during my travel down time. When it comes time to create the 2016 calendar I may well use only images from my work travel. Time will tell. For now, the first 3 images I have uploaded to the Ongoing Work gallery are from a couple of business trips. Coming weeks will see me heading for Salt Lake City and Los Angeles multiple times. Rumor even has it that I may be spending a week in Alaska in June for work. Rest assured, if that trip comes to pass I'll tack on some extra days for fishing and photography after the business is taken care of. Lots of adventures coming my way.

High up on the adventure list is what's happening with gear. You should all know by now that I'm a gear head and worship at the alter of gear. During 2015 I acquired a Canon EOS M mirrorless camera and a couple of lenses and it's served me well. But the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things not the least of which is that I'm in the processing of selling the M kit and will be using the proceeds to purchase a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera with some lenses. Good news: Lots of my pro photog buddies have converted to Sony and can't sing their praises high enough. One friend even went to the extent that he sold all his Canon gear and went to the Sony A6000. Bad news: I'm a little unsettled about it. Other than a couple of 4X5 cameras I have owned in the past this will be the first non-Canon camera I've owned since 1978. If only the EOS M had a viewfinder.....I've not made a decision to sell any of my Canon DSLR gear and probably won't but as we speak the M is on craigslist and I've had a couple of bites on it.

So stay tuned. 2015 is going to be exciting and I promise to keep you all informed.