14th June 2010
Holy Cow Man! Welcome to my spiffy new website. The old site served it's purpose and got me on the web. Problem is, it was very complicated to update or add new images and I'm simply too obtuse to learn how to write HTML. My former webmaster did a fantastic job building the site for me and maintaining the site for a while. But life goes on and he got busy and though he tried a couple of times to educate me I just couldn't get it. I started looking for a better way to work and update the site and here it is.

So...there are some things to look forward to on the new site. A few years ago I started a newsletter feature on the old site and there was exactly 1 entry. In 3 years. With the new site I'll be able to update that feature on a regular basis. Probably not monthly but certainly more often than once every 3 years.

Also added is a Gallery called "New Images." This is where I'll be uploading new work, possibly even from the field. This will insure that I'm not getting 2 or 3 trips behind like the site currently is.

And speaking of Galleries, that's another change. On the old site they were called Portfolios and there were 4 of them. With this site I have eliminated 1 and added a couple more categories.

So that's the beginning. Out with the old, in with the New. Just bear in mind that this will be a constantly evolving process. The only constant is change. So if you see something you like or, more importantly, something you don't like. Let me know.