What a year!

15th November 2010
For all intents and purposes, 2010 is finished...photographically speaking. Oh sure, there may be another trip that pops up before New Year's (I've heard rumblings of a couple of friends heading to the Dunes in December) but I have no firm plans at this time and I've scheduled my last vacation day for the Friday after Thanksgiving. I've cleaned my lenses and cameras and stowed them away. All the year's images have been downloaded and backed up. So there's really not a lot more to do.

Though in the beginning 2010 didn't look very exciting in the way of photo trips, upon reflection it was a pretty darn good year. Here's the list:

January-Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico. My first trip there and a chance to photograph several thousand Sandhill Cranes and tens of thousands Snow Geese. I was only there for 1 sunset and 1 sunrise but both were unbelievable and it's on my list of future trips.

February-No photo trips.

March-I visited my daughter in Phoenix and was able to spend some time shooting in and around the Superstition Mountains northeast of Phoenix. When Erin and her family first moved down there I was totally uninspired by the landscape but it's growing on me and I really like some of the images I made.

April-Again, no photo trips.

May-Heather has been asking me to take her to Yellowstone for quite a while and this year we did it. Wolves, Grizzlies, Bison, Elk, Coyotes, we saw all the big species of Yellowstone (except for a big bull moose)and the Grand Tetons were, as always, fantastic.

June-No trips. Are we seeing a pattern here?

July-Two trips this month. First a long weekend in Taos over July 4th. Not really a photo trip but I always manage to spend a little time behind the tripod. Later I caught a fantastic sunrise outside Roswell when we picked Heather up after graduation.

August-Okay, time to break the every other month pattern. An overnight trip to Steamboat Springs for a visit with Judy's family and some wildflowers on Rabbit Ears Pass. Near the end of the month I spent some shooting time in the sunflower fields near Longmont. Great images!

September-Not much here, just a quick drive up into the hills to check out the changing leaves. A few images from Boreas Pass followed a week later by a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park for Elk and Aspens.

October-The crown jewel of my photographic year. A long weekend to Arizona beginning with an overnight at Erin's house and some quality time with Granddaughter Katrina. Then a short 3 hour drive to Sedona. A place I need to explore more but the afternoon I spent in West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon was positively amazing! My new favorite place to shoot fall colors.

Now it's November and I'm pretty much done for the year unless the aforementioned trip to the Dunes comes together. Time to start making a list of places I'd like to visit next year. Any suggestions?